The American Studies Area Group is a Doctoral and Graduate Students’ Council (DSC) Chartered Org open to all CUNY GC students. The group is an interdisciplinary student-run group that invites students from many different programs to share scholarship, interests, and ideas about American Studies (broadly conceived).

Our primary purpose is to foster an intellectual and social community of scholars that encourages interaction across disciplines and between students and faculty. This group is a student-directed forum for furthering cross-disciplinary conversations between students at different stages of their degree, especially between fields that rarely get the chance to work collaboratively. We also see this group as a space where students can share and discuss resources, works-in-progress, and questions related to professional development, field-specific issues, or the “state of the profession” more widely. Additionally, we are especially interested in how issues in American Studies intersects or interacts with anti-racist and feminist approaches to pedagogy and literacy studies, as well as various kinds of work and scholarship in the digital humanities.

Events might include: reading groups, writing workshops, talks by invited speakers (formal or informal), panels, conferences, professionalization related discussions (conferences, abstracts, journals), and site or archive visits. Events will offer opportunities for those working in various disciplines to come together, network, and collaborate.

The American Studies Group is also interested in working with other student-led DSC chartered orgs or other student groups. We welcome ways to collaborate with or co-sponsor events with others.